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Our Company

“It’s not just about the clothes, it’s about play, passion, and possibility. It’s about product with a purpose.” - Traci Costa

Our Mission

We strongly believe that the experience of play lays the foundation for a happy life.

We encourage this in our children by promoting a childhood full of unstructured play, curiosity, creativity, and a sense of wonderment. But play isn't limited to just children – the Peekaboo Beans team practices these beliefs as deeply held convictions.

From our products to our play initiatives, we provide families with better choices in how they dress, shop and spend their time, making life easier and more meaningful.

Our mission is to design for playful living.

Meet The Team

Traci Costa

Founder & CEO

Nikki Mayer

Business Development

Terynn Papadopoulos

Office Manager

Minnie Nguyen


Dave Ratcliff

Operations Manager

Nikita Shah

Customer Care Manager

Lynn Tucknott

Warehouse Supervisor

Tara Severs

Customer Care

Desiree Desmarais

Brand Manager

Christa Stemerdink

Media & Public Relations

Deana Bertelli

Marketing Specialist & Graphic Design

Katrina Green

Graphic Design

Bhumika Mehtag

Social Media Strategist

Rick Neufeld

Media Producer

Bevin Chilton

Product Manager

Calli Lipp


Derrick Johnstone

Sales Support

Our Story

Peekaboo Beans started as a grassroots company more than 10 years ago in Richmond, British Columbia.

The concept for Peekaboo Beans was born from a personal and practical idea by founder Traci Costa, who sought to dress her daughter in ultra comfortable, durable clothing that was not only made to last, but polished and stylish – and most importantly, made for playful living. She did not have a background in fashion or entrepreneurship, but her desire to create a better alternative to childrenswear that was more functional for children drove her to create her first collection.

Fast forward to today and we now have a community of parents across North America who are just as passionate as us about our product and spreading the important message of the benefits of play for children.

Did you know? The name Peekaboo Beans was inspired by a game Traci played with her first daughter and their favourite snack, edamame.